Friday, September 1, 2017

ImagiNations - The Time Has Come to Name a Name

I will be creating a dedicated blog for my ImagiNations campaign, in the next week or two. As I have pondered what to call it, I felt it appropriate to solicit input from those who drop in for a visit.

Thus, I have a poll, which I ask you to participate in, dear readers, doing so but once.

A little info before you vote. Grand Duchess Diana has to endure circumstances similar to those which Maria Theresa faced when her father died without male issue.

The alternate-Earth world is named "Orwell".

The poll is at the top right, below the title, of this page.

I appreciate your votes and any comments


  1. I would humbly suggest naming the blog 'Khornwallistein Wars'

    I do like simple titles! - But it's your blog, so go with what you like!

    1. Hmm. I like articles, so I'll take your suggestion as "The Khornwallisteinian Wars" and say thank you! Check back before the 15th.

  2. I've gone for the Orwellian Crisis!

    1. at least you didn't go for the two-bit soiled dove! :)

      Thanks, Ray! At this point, it seems to be the most popular behind those not liking any of the names.

  3. Dear Justin

    I'm sorry Justin but I don't like any of them. The alliteration is difficult.

    If you insist on these then I shall choose from among them. However you know me and my nature and I would always go for something more romantic. I see by the way that you are patterning your Imagination on Maria Theresa. I did the same with my most favorite Imagi-Nation. I know you aren't as enamored of the "burlesque aspect" but perhaps something a little more literary and dramatic.


    War of the Dianan Accession
    War of Diana Triumphant
    Diana Regina!
    Chenorentola Victoria. (This is Italalian for "Cinderella Victorius" taking your Diana as the poor much put upon and victimized Cinderella who fights for and attains her kingdom.

    1. The first have possibilities, but I am not sure that I want to focus to be on the Duchess, per se. Something to consider.