Sunday, September 10, 2017

ImagiNations - Updated Map part 2

I exported the map at a slightly larger size, so people can more easily read the eventual notations, including those for important geographical features.

Notice, the western edge of the continent has been fully fleshed out, only the southeastern portion remains, behind a barrier of mountains and desert, so I have some time. I have ideas for it, and it is a very large area (about twice what is pictured here). There is another continent to the east and north east, portion of which are almost, but not quite, hinted at in this image. Essentially, I took what is a combination of continents and split them by an inner sea; think Europe and Asia thusly divided.

Each of the named areas on the map has its origins story, and I will flesh those out as time goes on. I've got a good mental handle on pretty much all of it, but I need to spend the time to write it up. I handle the nations as though they were individual characters in a novel and that is how I mentally compose their backstories, goals, religious and political motivations, etc.

I need to update the real world historical influences on each nation, I know what they are, but have to add them to that working map. However, I have several hours of grading papers ahead of me, today, and I need to focus on that once I finish this post.

Please, if you have not done so, vote in the poll to the right. It is a close call between two of the named selections and the "I don't like any of them" choice. If you don't like what is there, make a suggestion through a comment.

In other news, I have received one of my Kickstarter pledge items and will post on that this week. I also have another order incoming from Ireland in the next week or so and am excited to share that once it arrives.

Edit: I just noticed I still have the ghosted border around the text boxes for some of the names. I do not understand how this is happening, as I am doing the same thing for the text that does not have a border. If anyone who knows GIMP 2.0 can explain to me how to fix this, I'd be grateful.

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