Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Need IT help, computer still down

Okay, so this past couple of weeks has just been another small addition to the chapters of the last 3 decades of my life: no luck but bad.

I was in the process of switching boot drives from a 60G SSD to a 240G SSD, but during the process, I accidentally activated the original boot drive instead of the cloned version of the drive (the drive names got switched around when I first rebooted, still using the original boot drive). I cloned it use DriveImageXML, which has worked for others in the past.

I since reinstalled Windows 10 on the 60G drive, but I cannot get the 240G drive up and running as a boot drive. The drive shows as a valid installation, but I cannot add it to the BCD (?) list, as I get an error saying something like "pathway not found" or some such.

When I attempt to do the /fix commands using bootrec, such as /fixmbr, I get "access is denied."

I just cannot get around this. I really, really, do not want to have to reinstall all of my programs, that will literally days as they are all downloads, some of which I will probably have to purchase again if I cannot get this resolved.

So, if someone skilled in these matters has a solution, please post a comment.

I would like to get the larger SSD to boot, and/or be able to recover the installation information, that is currently on the larger SSD, so that I can simply access the programs through the newly installed Windows10 on my smaller SSD.

Windows 10 bloat is what caused this issue in the first place, maxing out my boot drive and then forcing it to crash continually through failed updates.


  1. Is this of any use ? https://www.partition-tool.com/partition-magic/set-ssd-as-boot-drive.html

  2. Jacko, I honestly don't know, as DriveImageXML pretty much does the same thing. My thought is that I can re-image the non-booting SSD, which has Win10 on it, to the original SSD, that has a new install of win10 on it, and then do it again in reverse.

    My problem is that while I can boot up on my original ssd, it no longer has the files and directories that give me access to the programs I have on my four other drives; that information is on the cloned ssd that does not boot, but I can access after booting from the original ssd.

    If there were a way I could fix that mess, then my problem would mostly be solved.