Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Soloist Gamer

So, it is a 98.9% certainty that I will soon be living 118 miles from the nearest game/hobby store, in a town that has zero or close to zero wargamers among its population base. Thus, I will join the ranks of the soloists

I have begun looking for board and miniature games suitable for playing solo. I already have most of the Two Hour Wargames rules and I have a couple of games from Victory Point Games, but I am still searching for a greater variety of interesting games to myself.

I did receive, via a BoardgameGeek purchase, this:
Which is a game I should have bought decades ago, but kept telling myself I'd come back and get it later...and then the store owners died and the shop closed down., before internet sales became a thing.

I'm going to have to pack that away, for when after I move in to my new home, but I did not want to fall back into the old trap of putting it off until later.

If any of you readers have suggestions for good solo games, whether boardgames or miniature games, then please reply to this post. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am looking at converting several games over to fit the soloist experience, but that will be a long-term effort and will not serve the immediate needs of playing a game.



  1. If you have a fantasy leaning then Tunnels and Trolls has a big solo capability... for myself I don't live 180 miles from anyone but play largely solo except for when my mate visits.. in between he and I play via Skype, or alternatively we use a 'correspondence chess' type system using the application "Battle Chronicler" to record the moves..

    1. I'll have to take another look at Tunnels and Trolls. I like sci-fi, fantasy, and historical games, in a fairly even distribution. Thank you for the suggestion!

  2. I just have to respond as played Magic Realm a few times in the early 80s and then my friend gave me his copy in 1988 before he moved cities. It has sat in the cupboard ever since. But during the week I got it out with the possibility of giving it a solo runthrough. But I put it away again as it does require quite an investment in time to get through.

    I dont really have any solo boardgame suggestions, the few boardgames I have done are two player ones I did solo. Boardgamegeek would be your friend for solo games and there is a recent thread on entry level solo wargames.

    Fellow blogger Aleksander has this list of his favourite solo boardgames here:

    1. I will certainly check out the list you sent. I will probably work up 3-d tiles for Magic Realm. I already have 200 100mm laser cut hexes, so I have a bit to work on. Will write it down as "Project 231" for when ai eventually arrive at my new digs this year.

  3. If you're still looking, I've been working on a grid based Horse and Musket game. Rules are posted at
    I'd greatly appreciate any feedback.