Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Signing out of California, finally!

Well, just a quick post to let you know, I am moving this weekend and am in the process of packing and preparing.

Due to the record heat-wave of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for more almost a month straight, I did not want my stuff out on the back patio to cook, especially my hobby paints, primers, glues, etc. Nor did I want my books out there, as the heat causes problems with the bindings (the covers end up coming off the books, leaving the pages to eventually come apart).

So, I elected to wait as long as I could, before packing up. I did have a number of items out at my parent's shed, for the past ten years, which did the boxes they were stored in no amount of good (animals and sun), but as I was re-packing that at 6:30am, today, I discovered I had a LOT of Games Workshop figures, including Mordheim, Battlefleet Gothic, Warmaster, 40k, and Warhammer Fantasy Battles, plus some Old Glory historicals. The GW stuff is just like found money, were I to sell it, I could probably get a few thousand dollars, as there are some rare or one-off figures that only employees and prime retailers were able to get, including a 3-up Space Marine in pewter.

I plan on keeping a lot of this, but may sell large chunks, which I will of course regret later. But, as I am starting a whole new life, with the needs of a new life, my budget for the next six months is very tight.

I also found, in excellent condition, many of the older GW publications from the Black Library, including Epic 40,000, Warmaster, Town Cryer, Blood Bowl, and other 'zines. I was relieved as I thought I had accidentally thrown all that out years ago.

As the paints, and I am talking about a thousand dollars in paints, if I were to take them in the moving truck or in my car, which is being towed behind the truck, they would cook off and harden up, becoming useless. Since this already happened to me before, when I moved from Wisconsin back to California, I want to avoid it again. So, I purchased a ice chest/cooler, with some chemical ice packs, to keep everything cool for the two days of driving. The temperature in the cooler should be about 40 degrees, which will not cause the paint to freeze.

Luckily, this Sunday's temperature is supposed to only be 96 degrees (only!) and that means the internal temperature in the car will be under 130, so maybe my primers will survive the trip. I cannot fit them inside the cooler, unfortunately, as 100+ bottles of paint takes up a large amount of space.

Yes, there is a bit of stress with the move, just the packing, loading, driving, unloading, and unpacking, to look forward to over the next week, but otherwise it is all good and all ahead full.