Tuesday, January 8, 2019


I have the worst luck of anyone. My desktop died a year ago, for the third time. My first laptop went right after. My second laptop was fine from about March to October, when I noticed some weirdness going on as I used it. Nothing really specific, just an inkling that it was becoming unstable. So, first week of November, it went down. I borrowed a replacement as I had two college classes to finish. Of course, my internet provider went down for an hour and when it came back up the borrowed laptop now dropped internet connection about every five minutes. Their tech came out and said nothing was wrong on their end, so it had to be my equipment.

So, I ordered a computer through Amazon as I could make payments over five months, it was a Black Friday deal. Of course, it went out of stock and they cancelled the order the next week without telling me. No notice. None. I was calling Amazon about where and when my computer would arrive. Nadda.

Until... One person out of a call center on the same continent as me finally fessed up. So, I ordered the computer again and they gave me the same price as the Black Friday deal.

Two weeks later, the Friday before Christmas, it shows up...with the wrong monitor cable.

Fast forward to today. Internet still drops, just every few hours now, but I have a temporarily working brand new computer.

I have never had a computer last more than a year, without serious issues. Some of the problems that I've had are ones that the tech guys have never seen before, like whem the cpu chip came apart, the pins separating from the actual chip portion. Theat guy ended up soldering everything to the motherboard, so I would have a working machine.

I need better luck....

But, I am 10 weeks away from finishing my M.A. thesis and maybe things will turn around after that....maybe...maybe not.


  1. Sounds terrible. Computers are pretty important for our day to day lives, so say nothing of blogging!

    Hope you are surviving the winter ok.

    1. I've friends who have never had problems such as I, with computers. It is what it is, I suppose. Loving the winter, thanks. Not enough snow for me, only about 6 inches, which has nearly all melted off. I may need to move to North Dakota. :) I hope to be blogging regularly, once I finish this thesis.

    2. Cheer up, you still have another several months of prairie winter to go, so there may be plenty of snow. (and from a central valley perspective, South Dakota has about seven months of winter...)