Blücher Campaign

Starting 13 February 2015, with four players and an umpire. The campaign utilizes the Blücher tactical and campaign rules by Sam Mustafa, with additional campaign rules from Longstreet (also by Sam Mustafa) and original campaign rules by Justin Penwith.

Wins are awarded to players who break enough of their opponent's units to defeat their army morale or who hold more objectives on the table when game is called on time or turns. Any other result is a draw.

Campaign victor is the player with the overall highest total of Glory Points. GPs spent on upgrades and reinforcements spent and therefore to not count towards campaign victory score.

Players begin the campaign with an army no greater than 100 points in value. Any newly added players will also begin with 100 point armies. For every 25% greater in value an opponents army, 2 additional GPs are awarded to the player with the lesser value army at the end of the battle.

Players      Number of games
Brent                              3
Jeff                                 3
Dave                              3
Neil                                3

1. Brent vs Dave (draw)
    Jeff vs Neil (draw)
2. Dave vs Neil (Dave)
    Brent vs Jeff (Brent)
3. Dave vs Jeff (draw)
    Brent vs Neil (Brent)

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