Friday, May 27, 2011

Wargames Factory: Greeks and Bases

I do not want to come off as being a shill for Wargames Factory as I do not have a horse in that race, but I do like to give credit where credit is due. Thus, I am linking because of the bases (which are far cheaper than the GW bases I normally use) and which are pics of the heads of their upcoming Greek/Spartan plastic infantry.

These guys (WGF or WF) are making this hobby affordable again. No longer do we in the US have to pay exorbitant shipping charges on top of a lopsided exchange rate for UK manufactured plastic and metal miniatures. Now, I do like much of what is produced in the UK, but I simply cannot afford to build armies with models produced there.

Enter Wargames Factory, who have really turned things around for American miniature gamers who have to survive on a limited budget.

I really hope to soon paint the WSS models that I assembled this week, it became so windy for three days that I could not prime the models (I never prime them inside the house...bad bad bad). However, I now have six 12 figure battalions primed and ready to be painted. I have two more battalions assembled and am down to the last battalion out of the three original boxes. I am trying to decide whether I want to make these lads grenadiers or to make them militia, using the floppy hats. I need to get a different size base for all of these, as 2"x2" just won't work for playing with the other guys in the club.


  1. Nothing wrong with promoting good information that helps save a buck.

  2. Plastic is the new metal, if I ever do get a new 25mm army,(which I probably won't), I'll go for plastic, it's just so much more cheaper than metal.