Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WSS Wargames Factory Troops: WIP

Well, they have been long in the works, but I am nearly done with the first of several battalions and squadrons of the Wargames Factory infantry and cavalry boxed sets. These have been painted for my imagi-nation campaign army, but they are meant to be also used as British soldiers in the WSS.

 As I am using the plastic infantry to give me as many 12 and 16 figure battalions as possible, I purchased a few Front Rank and Ebor Miniatures ensigns to be my battalion standard bearers. Of course, the Front Rank figures are really too bulky, but as I place the standard bearers in the back rank, they are hidden by most of the battalion.

The above and below shots are meant to show how the figures looked after I brushed on the Army Painter strong tone dip.

 This is the front of the model pictured above. Notice, I did not do any detail on the face at all. I was following the "Army Painter method" for quickly painting armies, just to see how they would look. Note: The Army Painter dip does not forgive or hide bad paint jobs. If you leave behind errant brushstrokes of a differing color, they will still show up. Only if the mis-painted area is in a crevice will the dip be dense enough to cover the paint beneath. Also, if you highlight the area before using the dip, the highlight does show up nicely.  If you find that there's just not enough dip on an area, let it dry for at least 8-12 hours before applying another layer...otherwise the first layer is too tacky and you get a bit of a globbed on look, like on the lower part of the waistcoat below.
 Here is a bit blurry pic of a second ensign, both this and the previous one are from Ebor Miniatures...which I am very well pleased with (with a single proviso). I applied the dip with a brush, but purposely did not brush off any excess, I just put it on a but thick and let gravity do its thing. I felt and still feel that these chaps would be dirty after a long march and the strong tone is a good color for muddy and dust encrusted uniforms.

 The nearly finished units (I need to do two stands of pikemen and the actual regimental standards, before I can call them done). This is the shot before I started basing them.
 The base on the left after I applied DAS clay. I wanted to not have the plastic bases make everything look odd and the DAS will keep the figures attached to the base better than just white glue. On the right, you can see a base which has had the next treatment, a covering of watered down white glue followed by a gravel and sand mix.
 After the eight bases of figures dried, I then went and thickly painted on a watered down brown craft paint that I bought at Wallyworld for $.57 for 2 fluid ounces. This saves me on using GW Scorched Brown which is far more expensive. On the right, the base has been drybrushed with GW Snakebite Leather.
 Next, GW Bleached Bone as a lighter highlight.
 Followed by Gale Force Nine's Summer Flock mix.
 With some Army Painter flower tufts glued on. I did not have the right kind of tweezers for this and the flowers got a bit squished.
File:Twee... is what I used. is what I should have used.
 As close as I can get and still maintain focus on the bases, you can see the flowers a bit better here, both yellow and white.
 My digital camera is not very good...I cannot do more than use various pre-sets with it, so I am very limited on how close I can get, I cannot change the depth of field, nor the aperture setting. So, these pics really do not do justice to the models.
 A squadron of horse.
 The Wargames Factory plastics do lend themselves to quite a bit of easy conversions. The officer here has had a major arm conversion, showing him in the process of waving his men forward with his sword.
Two battalions from the same regiment of my imagi-nation army, but painted according to two different historical British battalions' supposed colorings.

I have eight pikemen, six dragoons and their horses, twenty-two infantry plastics, two metal ensigns, two metal infantry brigadiers, one cavalry brigadier, and one "army commander" currently on my painting table. Some of these are already primed or even mostly painted, the rest will get primed tomorrow. I need to get at as many done as I can in the next week as I am putting on the next club game using Beneath the Lily Banners 2nd.


  1. Some very ncie looking troops Justin, what are you going to do about flags?

  2. I am going to hand paint some post-Act of Union regimental flags, one per battalion.

  3. What I saw, I loved, good work Justin and well explained.