Monday, April 23, 2018

John Churchill and Me

When reading through the 1st Duke of Marlborough's correspondence, one sees that he often suffered from extremely bad headaches; what I and others believe were migraines. In several letters to his wife, he complains bitterly about how badly his head aches.

As a long-term sufferer of migraines, and having had a daily headache for 35 years, I know exactly how he might have felt.

I had a recent allergy test and out of 60 items tested, I am allergic to 42; nearly anything green, be it plants, grasses, or trees, I am allergic too, with the sole exception of pine trees. Since I have had bad sinus headaches lately, I imagine these allergies figure into the severe discomfort.

With that being said, I am done with the physical portion of the requirements for my new job. Now, I just need to send the various doctor reports to my future employer.

One annoying thing, though, is that they are still in the reference portion of the background check and my point of contact is not sure they even received that information, which I faxed to them on 3/5/18. A week after I checked with her the first time, about this, I still do not have an answer. I am calling today, to see what she can tell me. At the very least, I can either fax it again, at nearly $10 cost to me, or send it via priority mail, at almost $7. This application process has cost me over $100 already.

On the wargaming/gaming side of things, I have not been able to paint, due to the three headaches at once, since it is more painful to look down at the models. Yet, I did get to play a game of Wasteland Express, last Friday. I did not win, but I had a fun time. Basically, I just was plain unlucky as three random events went against me, in that I could not take advantage of the bonuses they offered, while the other players could. I also blew two combat die rolls, which put be back even further.

I am still working on the Portable War at Sea concept, but I need to make time for creating a set of cards for the game before I can start testing it.

I am also looking at using Axis and Allies infantry models, from the boxed games, and 10mm tanks from Pendraken, for an imagiNations portable wargame in a quasi-ww2 setting.


  1. Three headaches at once!!! Sounds bloody awful!

    1. It is. However, knowing that Marlborough suffered through his own and still won victories, lets me know that I can get through it, too. As painful as these are, I am so very glad I live in an age with ibuprofen and aspirin...else I would eaten a pistol barrel 300 years ago.