Sunday, April 9, 2023

WIP A Combat Table


One of the many things I have been steadily working on over the past couple of years is a universal combat system that I could use for my imagi-nations campaign, spanning all practical eras of wargaming.

I want to do this partly for simplicity and also for creating a somewhat useful tool whereby a game could be reasonably be played as either a larger or smaller battle, with correspondingly different sizes of forces, but also give a good result. 

Another approach that I wanted to take is where the opposed roll has more than one outcome possibility, that is to say that what one rolls for oneself is just as important as what one's opponent rolls. Something I've never liked in a wargame is the concept that only one side is affected by a combat result; apparently this has also been a pet peeve of a number of boardgame designers over the past decade or so. 

The table pictured above is the current iteration of my combat table. There's a list of modifications, to be published later, but only one's own roll is modified and it is the opponent's unmodified roll that gives a separate result. 

When I post about the modifiers, I will also explain that table more in depth. However, I do need to get back into the habit of posting more regularly...and so here it is.

One thing to note, look at the notes in green. You'll see that the combat results for one's roll are additive, in that if you roll a modified 10, there's two combat results for your unit, AND there's the additional possible result from your opponent's roll.

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